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Liquid Enrichment Medium
Mercaptoacetate medium enrichment medium
巯基乙酸脂培养基  8mL/支 20支/盒  用于检测生物样本的无菌性,也用于接种培养临床在与体表不相通的部位获取的标本,如胸腹水,深部脓液等。适合于厌氧菌、兼性厌氧菌、微需氧菌的培养。  广告审查批准文号:渝医械广审(文)第2019050114号
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Mercaptoacetate medium(PM1301)
[product name] general name: thioglycolate medium English Name: thioglycolate broth 【 purpose 】 it is used to detect the sterility of biological samples, and also to inoculate and culture clinical samples obtained at places not connected with the body surface, such as pleural effusion, ascites, deep pus, etc. It is suitable for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria, facultative anaerobic bacteria and micro aerobic bacteria. [inspection method] 1. Inoculate an appropriate amount of samples into mercaptoacetate medium and incubate at 35 ℃± 2 ℃ for 48h; 2. After the medium becomes turbid, it shall be stained or seeded; [positive judgment value or reference interval] Positive: the broth becomes turbid; Negative: no change in broth. Advertisement examination and approval No.: yyxs (Wen) No. 2019050114
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basic peptone water medium(RT1302) Vibrio cholerae enrichment medium
[product name] general name: alkaline peptone water medium [intended use] for Vibrio cholerae enrichment culture. [storage conditions and validity period] Keep away from light, 2 ℃ ~ 25 ℃, valid for 12 months. See the details on the product package. [sample requirements] suspected contaminated water and food; The patient's vomit, feces, etc. Specimens treated with disinfectant and those not related to cholera are not applicable. [inspection method] 1. Inoculate 2ml ~ 3ml (g) of sample into alkaline peptone water medium and incubate at 35 ℃± 2 ℃ for 6h ~ 12h; 2. After the medium becomes turbid, transfer it to the selective medium of Vibrio family, such as TCBS. [reference value (reference range)] incubate at 35 ℃± 2 ℃ for 6h ~ 12h. After the medium becomes turbid, transfer it to Vibrio selective medium for culture【 [limitations of test method] it is used as a preliminary enrichment medium for Vibrio. This medium is only used for screening and enrichment culture of Vibrio and cannot be used as identification and pure culture. It is necessary to detect and identify Vibrio by other tests and means.
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