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Pangtong was founded in 2000. It is integrating of R&D, production and sales of IVD and other test reagents and instrument on microbiology. Our products are mainly used in hospitals, nosocomial infection monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, pharmaceuticals, food, environmental protection, beverages, dairy products and other fields. Our products are sold well all over the world.
Since 2017, our company has been honored as a national high-tech enterprise for two consecutive times and has more than 20 independent patents. Pang Tong is an innovative enterprise and has won many government awards and supports.




2018 -08

Congratulations to Chongqing pangtong medical device Co., Ltd. for winning the award of high-tech enterprise for two consecutive times


2018 -08

Prenatal screening for group B streptococci - in accordance with the U.S. CDC prenatal screening guidelines


2016 -10

hot wire! hot wire! A new batch of product registration certificates have come down!


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