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Automatic Suction Filter
Disposable suction cup membrane filter cup
Disposable suction cup It is applicable to the "membrane filtration method" for the detection of microbial limit and sterility of endoscopy, therapeutic water, drinking water, dairy products, beverages, food, process water and other liquid samples. This cup contains a filter membrane to intercept bacteria. 100ml * 20 pieces / box
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Automatic suction filter (Membrane filtration method)
Automatic suction filter Purpose: it is used for microbial limit test, sterility test or detection of pathogenic bacteria in sewage by membrane filtration method of aqueous solution samples (in accordance with Chinese Pharmacopoeia, GB 159822012 and WS 507-2016) Applicable samples: (1) Surface, neutralization eluent of two hand sampling swab (2) After disinfection and washing of endoscope, neutralize eluent recovered after injection (3) Disinfectant in use Compound neutralization eluent for membrane filtration 50ml compound neutralization eluent - endoscopic microbial limit test after disinfection with disinfectant 10ml compound neutralization eluent + rinsing solution (residual sample in rinsing cup, filtered) - microbial limit test of sterilized object surface and hands sampling 9ml compound neutralization eluent + rinsing solution (residual sample in rinsing cup, filtration) - microbial limit test of disinfectant in use
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