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Anaerobic and Microaerophilic Gas Generating kit
AnaeroBag for anaeorbes
Purpose: It is used for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria and provides anaerobic gas environment. Purpose: anaerobag ™ Anaerobic air bag (500ml) is mainly used for the culture of clinical anaerobic bacteria. This is a complete anaerobic bacteria isolation and culture scheme: 1. Anaerobic gas production bag (bag): reduce the oxygen in the closed environment of cul culture bag or anaerobic culture tank / box to < 0.1% within 1.5 hours to facilitate the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic gas environment: O2 < 0.1% (within 1.5 hours), 7-15% CO2 (within 2 hours); Rapid oxygen consumption is conducive to the survival of anaerobic bacteria. 2. Anaerobic indicator: indicates whether the anaerobic conditions in the closed environment meet the standard; 3. Matched special plastic culture bag (cul culture bag) and sealing clip; 4. Supporting anaerobic culture tank / box; 5. Supporting various anaerobic culture media, such as Brucella blood agar, CCFA, lkv agar, BBE agar, can agar, etc. advantage: High quality and low price The operation is simple, and the specimens are cultured as they arrive No space, no need for ventilation Anaerobic culture preparation: Materials: take culture medium, anaerobic gas production bag (bag), anaerobic indicator, cul culture bag or anaerobic culture tank / box. Operation steps: 1. Inoculate specimens and strains in the culture medium in advance and put them into cul culture bag in time;
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Anaerobic indicator
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CUL bag (YY3905)
Sealable bags that can be used for anaerobic or micro aerobic culture. When used for micro aerobic culture, two 90mm plates can be used, and three 70mm plates can be loaded at most; When used for anaerobic culture, the 90mm medium can hold up to 6 cultures. Avoid bursting.
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MicroaeroBag™ MicroaeroBag 200mL(WXY3904)
Put two inoculated 90mm agar media into the culture bag. If only one 90mm agar medium is inoculated, put another 90mm empty culture dish, because it is necessary to maintain the capacity of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to avoid further reaction; There should be a gap between the plates to facilitate ventilation
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Sealing clip (YY3906)
Used to seal culbag culture bag.
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