The company is integrating of R&D,Production and Sales of Microbiology test.
Gram stain
Gram stain 250ml * 4 bottles / box It is used for smear staining of bacteria or fungi.
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Acid-fast Stain
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Calcofluor white stain
Calcofluor white stain It is mainly used for staining for fungal inspection.
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Lactophenol cotton blue
Lactophenol cotton blue It is used for staining fungal inspection.
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Ink staining fluid
Ink staining fluid Observe the microorganisms producing capsules, especially Cryptococcus neoformans.
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Spore staining solution(ST1711)
Spore staining solution Spore staining is often used for spore staining of anaerobic bacteria.
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Hexamine silver staining solution GMS
Hexamine silver staining solution It is mainly used for the staining test of fungi and Pneumocystis carinii cysts. It is used for qualitative histological staining and polysaccharide staining in the cell wall of fungi and other opportunistic organisms in formalin fixed and paraffin embedded tissues; It can be used for staining to detect Pneumocystis and fungi in specimens, and microscopic examination for preliminary morphological examination, which can provide basis for early clinical treatment.
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Fluorescent brightener dye solution(ST1715)
For fungal staining.
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Ink dye(ST1709)
Ink dye 10ml / box Used to observe the capsule.
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