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Automatic suction filter

Intended Use Membrane filtration method for aqueous samples (comply with USP, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", GB8538 specifications) 1) Microbial limit test 2) Detection of pathogenic bacteria in sewage 3) Sterility testing
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Fast filtration , usually completed within 40s 

Batch processing, simple and fast

Sealed anti-pollution design, operate in a non-clean environment.

Automatic, Plug and play immediately, 3 pumps operate independently without interference, double "spare tires"

With chip and software program control, intelligentized and automatic


Applicable industry

This product is widely used in hospitals (nosocomial infection monitoring), sewage, pharmaceutical industry, food, beverage, environment, public health and other fields.

Intended Use

Membrane filtration method for aqueous samples (comply with USP, "Chinese Pharmacopoeia", GB8538 specifications)

1)Microbial limit test

2)Detection of pathogenic bacteria in sewage

3)Sterility testing

Applicable Specimens

Test pump for fast collection samples.

1)The compound neutralizing solution collecting from endoscopes after cleaning and disinfection.

2)Treatment water,eg. dialysate(with R2A agar plate).

3)Detect pathogenic bacteria in sewage.

4)Process water, microbial limit test of pharmaceuticals, food, beverages fields, etc.

5)Sterility test for other sterile aqueous samples

Device typePT/SFM-3C

Size (length, width and height): 378 × 291 × 188mm 

Weight: 5.5KG

Applicable working humidity: ≤80%.

Applicable working temperature: 5~40°C

Working environmental condition: general environmental condition, It can be filtered in a non-clean environment.

Filtration flow rate: 600mL/min (under conditions without filtration membrane blocked)

Filter noise: 55dB    Input voltage: 220V

Vacuum pump: vacuum negative pressure ≤55Kpa,

Rated voltage: 12V, Power: 12W×3

Control board and sensor: rated voltage 5V

Output hose’s outer diameter: 11mm;

Output hose’s inner diameter: 8mm

Suction cup set: 3, Diameter of suction cup’s set: 71.5mm×3


1.Collecting 50mL neutralizing solution from endoscopes

2.Put cup into the suction filter holder and start suction (can be in normal environment).

3.Move to class 100,000 cleaniness condition,Pick membrane and paste the membrane

1)Slightly pinch the cup body to deform it out of the cup holder, take out the cup holder

2)Open the cup cover (in class 100,000 cleaniness, e.g., in a biosafety cabinet)

3)Pick up the membrane with a sterile forceps

4)Stick the membrane on the surface of anagar plate(in class 100,000 cleaniness, e.g., in a biosafety cabinet)

4.Incubate at 35±2°C for 48 hours

5.Counting colonies after culture

Cup capacity: 100mL

Membrane aperture: 0.22umSterility test, 0.45μm microbial limit test

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