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AnaeroBag for anaeorbes

Purpose: It is used for the cultivation of anaerobic bacteria and provides anaerobic gas environment. Purpose: anaerobag ™ Anaerobic air bag (500ml) is mainly used for the culture of clinical anaerobic bacteria. This is a complete anaerobic bacteria isolation and culture scheme: 1. Anaerobic gas production bag (bag): reduce the oxygen in the closed environment of cul culture bag or anaerobic culture tank / box to < 0.1% within 1.5 hours to facilitate the growth of anaerobic bacteria. Anaerobic gas environment: O2 < 0.1% (within 1.5 hours), 7-15% CO2 (within 2 hours); Rapid oxygen consumption is conducive to the survival of anaerobic bacteria. 2. Anaerobic indicator: indicates whether the anaerobic conditions in the closed environment meet the standard; 3. Matched special plastic culture bag (cul culture bag) and sealing clip; 4. Supporting anaerobic culture tank / box; 5. Supporting various anaerobic culture media, such as Brucella blood agar, CCFA, lkv agar, BBE agar, can agar, etc. advantage: High quality and low price The operation is simple, and the specimens are cultured as they arrive No space, no need for ventilation Anaerobic culture preparation: Materials: take culture medium, anaerobic gas production bag (bag), anaerobic indicator, cul culture bag or anaerobic culture tank / box. Operation steps: 1. Inoculate specimens and strains in the culture medium in advance and put them into cul culture bag in time;
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500mL 20 pieces / box
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The Anaerobic Gas Generating Kit provides an easy and fast approach that creats an optimal atmosphere rapidly for anaerobe incubation. The system for the anaerobe incubation is up to 6 plates for each CULbag, identification
panels or AST panels.

1. Inoculate specimens and strains in the culture medium in advance and put them into cul culture bag in time;
2. Tear open the aluminum foil outer bag of anaerobic gas production bag (bag);
3. Take out the inner paper bag and small aluminum foil bag and immediately tear open the small aluminum foil bag. Also take out the small inner paper bag and immediately put it into the container to be sealed (special cul culture bag or culture tank / box). Tear open the outer package of anaerobic indicator and take out the anaerobic indicator and immediately put it into the same container to be sealed (special cul culture bag or culture tank / box);
    1) the paper bag will generate heat and steam when exposed to the air, but it will not feel hot, which is a normal phenomenon.
    2) The indicator is used to monitor the anaerobic environment in the bag. It is white when there is no oxygen and blue when there is oxygen. When the closed container is sealed, the indicator turns white within 4h, indicating that the anaerobic environment meets the standard.
4. Squeeze the cul culture bag to remove excess air and immediately seal it with a sealing clip. First press it from one end of the sealing clip and seal it according to the situation to ensure that all seals are seamless, or cover the cover of the culture tank / box and seal it well.
Note: the whole process shall not exceed 1 minute from the aluminum foil packaging into the culture medium, tearing off the anaerobic gas production bag (bag) to the sealed container.
Anaerobic air bag
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