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MicroaeroBag™ MicroaeroBag 200mL(WXY3904)
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MicroaeroBag™ MicroaeroBag 200mL(WXY3904)

Put two inoculated 90mm agar media into the culture bag. If only one 90mm agar medium is inoculated, put another 90mm empty culture dish, because it is necessary to maintain the capacity of oxygen, carbon dioxide and hydrogen to avoid further reaction; There should be a gap between the plates to facilitate ventilation
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200mL 20 pieces / box
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MicroaeroBag(AN3904) provides a simple method that creats an optimal atmosphere for the microaerobic incubation of up to 2 Petri dishes, identification panels or AST panels.
The system consists of a MicroaeroBag(AN3904) ,generating gas, CULbag(plastic pouch)(AN3905) and STO-CLIP(plastic clip for seal) . As soon as the MicroaeroBag(AN3904) inner paper sachet exposed to air, contents react with air. Oxygen is rapidly absorbed.Carbon dioxide and hydrogen are produced. When the paper sachet is placed in a sealed plastic pouch, these reactions will create an optimal atmospheric condition for the growth of microaerobes: 5-10%O2(within 2.0h), 5-10%CO2(within 1.0h), 0.5-2%H2(within 1.0h ). MicroaeroBag(AN3904) is designed for maximum 2 plates.
The transport storage temperature could be at 25℃ temporarily,however,as soon as you have received ,you must store it at 2-8℃ as early as possible.
1. Place 2 inoculated plates in a plastic pouch. Disposable plastic Petri dishes should be of the ventilated to aid gas transfer between the interior and exterior of the plates. If only one plate is to be inoculated, an uninoculated plate should also be placed in the plastic pouch to prevent further activity as the volume of O2 and CO2 is critical.
2. Tear open the foil package of Microaerobag(AN3904) at the tear-nick indicated, take the inner sachet out, and put it into the CULbag(plastic pouch, AN3905) immediately.
N.B: The inner sachet will become warm to the touch on exposure to air. The temperature not more than 65℃.This is a normal phenomenon.
3. Seal the CULbag (plastic pouch, AN3905) with the STO-CLIP (plastic clip, AN3906) immediately. Simply pinch the seal at one end and squeeze together all the way across, ensuring there are no gaps. The whole time should not exceed 1minute.
4. Incubate appropriately.
5. After the incubation a period, observe and examine for the growth.. If requiring re-incubation, a new MicroaeroBag(AN3904) must be used, following steps 2-5 described above.
1) The plates may be initially inspected through the CULbag.
2) If it is opened, a new MicroaeroBag(AN3904) is required for re-incubation.
QC recommendation:
Campylobacter jejuni ATCC®33291 ------Good Growth
1. This product is for in vitro use only.
2. MicroaeroBag is disposable. CULbag (plastic pouch, AN3905) can be used repeatedly up to 4 times.
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Micro aerobic air bag
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